Why a Hi-Res 3D model? Watch this video.

Modernize Your Exterior Management!

Get Thousands of HI-RES images covering every inch of your building

Visually inspect any area of your building as if you were right in front of it.

Ensure fast and full insurance reimbursement for storm damage.

Save valuable time with virtual walkthroughs with vendors.

Maximize your model with added Management Tools and Enhanced Detection.

Only For FirstService Residential Managed High-Rise Condominium Associations


for just $2,500 - $3,000 .


Multi-Building Associations call for pricing. 

“As a CAM, it gives you peace of mind to know where your issues are and that you’ve stopped what you can so it doesn’t continue to get worse. It also saves you a lot of explanation if you can pull up this 3d model and say to your board, here’s what’s going on. And if you have to file an insurance claim, now you have something you can lay down in front of the insurance adjuster and say, here’s my documentation of what my building looked like before the storm came. I would be willing to tell my fellow CAMs, hey, you need to contact these guys!”

Joe B.

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