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Handrails are an essential part of any building, providing safety and support for those who use them. That's why Rail Armor is proud to offer the ultimate solution for protecting your handrails. Our torch-applied powder coating provides superior durability and resistance to saltwater corrosion, making it ideal for buildings in coastal regions.


With a ten-year or more warranty, you can have confidence in the longevity of your handrails. And if repairs are needed, our coating can be easily repaired on-site using the same technology used to repair underwater pipelines. Protect your investment with Rail Armor today.

Starting at just $50 per linear foot

Why Rail Armor?

​​Rail Armor's durable coating provides exceptional resistance to damage and corrosion, reducing the need for frequent repairs and maintenance. Additionally, its on-site repairability allows for easy repairs, minimizing downtime and saving you money.


Increases the lifespan of handrail getting rid of the need for frequent replacements. With a ten-year or more warranty, to back it up.

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Using the same technology used to repair underwater pipelines it's an easy on-site repair. Saving time and money.

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