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Use Outershield to assure your building is covered in all three areas.



Our unbiased AI-enhanced drone inspections provide a new level of comprehensive analysis for your annual inspections. Our full report and consultation with building experts will help you plan for predictive and preventative maintenance. We also offer moisture inspections to locate and prevent water intrusion, and roofing inspections to catch issues before they become major problems. 


Structural Repairs & Maintenance

 These services include painting and coatings, stucco, EIFS, and Hardie siding repair and replacement, spalling and rust removal, asphalt maintenance, balcony maintenance, handrail repairs and maintenance, window and door maintenance, walkway coatings, decking and beach walkover repair and replacement, fencing, and flashing and trim repair. Trust our expert team to maintain and enhance your property.


Preventative Maintenance

We identify potential issues and areas that require maintenance and perform predictive and preventative maintenance, addressing problems before they become major and expensive issues and extending the life of your property. These services include, power washing, sealants, pavers, gutters, and cleaning drains.

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